stemCONNECT Themed Months

During the months of September, October, November, February, March, and April stemCONNECT will invite Distinguished Speakers to dive deeper into various STEM Topics. Experts from Industry and Academia will talk about ideas, research, and careers that are exciting in their Industry. Register now to join Fall topics and speakers that interest you and your students. Spring Themed Months will be available for registration January 2022.

Fall Themed Months

Space Month

Florida is famous for it's Space Programs and Companies. Register to hear from physicists, engineers, and medical experts in the industry.

Spooky Month

Leading up to Halloween hear from researches across Florida that are diving into some very creepy and exciting topics!

Entrepreneurship Month

Learn about the crazy world of taking an idea to conception, while learning about how entrepreneur skills can help you succeed in  any industry!

October 2021
Spooky Month

Leading up to Halloween we will dive into some of the creepiest and most exciting STEM Topics.

November 2021
Entrepreneurship Month

Learn from STEM Entrepreneurs about what it takes to make an idea into a business!

Save the Date: I/ITSEC STEM 2021

Save the date for the week of November 29th for opportunities for educators to join opportunities virtually and in-person.

Preview of Spring Themed Months

Tech Month

Brought in partnership with Orlando Science Center's premier event, Otronicon. Let's talk about big tech concepts like Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security!

Medical Month

Medically speaking, these speakers will showcase their careers and talk about their journeys to getting started in a life-saving industry!

Earth Month

In celebration of Earth Month let's take a deep dive into our oceans and learn about the research and conservation efforts happening across Florida.