​Bring STEM experts into your classroom

stemCONNECT is a resource designed to reinforce classroom topics and connect curriculum with a real world view.  We inform students the relevance of what they are learning to a career that they could pursue!  We are building tomorrow's workforce by inspiring them in the classroom!  The key things we do:

Bring Lessons into the Real World....Virtually

Present STEM jobs to students, with reinforcement of why studying STEM is important!

Students will see that there are other paths to successful high-tech jobs like, technical training, the military, and industry certifications.

Inspire students through mentors and role models!

Host a stemCONNECT in your classroom with these easy steps:

Register Your Class:  We will not share your contact information.  We need that to contact you and work with you for your session.

Request a Session:   All we need is an ideal date, time, and topic.

View Upcoming Sessions:  You can join a session that is already scheduled with a class and expert, check out our calendar of upcoming sessions.

You will find the Topic to be presented, a date and time session will be conducted.