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Subject matter experts from industry or academia virtually connect with students in the classroom and connect current lesson plans and curricula in a real-world environment. This is a key role in creating Florida's future workforce to support our growing high-tech economy.  Take 30 seconds of you time to listen to a message from Paul Sohl, CEO of the Florida High Tech Corridor on why volunteering as an expert is so important.

Become an Expert

Do you have an hour to spare and a passion for inspiring the next generation?  
stemCONNECT needs enthusiastic and knowledgeable experts like you, to strengthen Florida's future workforce.  We would like to provide you a guide of procedures and tips to ensure that your upcoming session is simple and engaging.  By using online video conferencing tools stemCONNECT offers professionals an exciting volunteer opportunity to share the work they are most passionate about without the inconvenience of leaving your work location. 
How stemCONNECT Defines an Expert:
An individual in industry or academia who utilizes Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics regularly in their career and is enthusiastic about talking to students about their career.
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All You Need to Get Started


Sessions only take 30 minutes to participate and we work with your availability to schedule sessions at convenient times that work with your schedule.


You are your own expert, sessions are focused around your career and how you use specific skills or topics. For example, the use of forces and motions in roller coaster design.


Bring the excitement and enthusiasm to engage your audience and encourage participation!

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Benefits of Being an Expert:

   1.    Inspire Tomorrow's Workforce: Sharing careers with students allows them to learn about all the different careers and how they can get started in the industry,  
            knowledge is power!
   2.    Break Down Barriers: Virtual programs make breaking down barriers between classrooms and industry or academia easy.  Allowing or connections and for 
            students to see practical real-world applications of the curricula they are learning.
   3.    Rebrand Industries: Connecting with experts from all backgrounds help rebrand industries to more inclusive and change negative stereotypes 
            (like math is difficult).
     4.    Increase Outreach: Virtual connections allow you to connect with schools anywhere from the comfort of wherever you work. Sessions are only 30-minutes!

How Live Sessions Work

  1. A stemCONNECT Coordinator will work with your schedule to arrange a date that also works with the classroom.  You will receive an email with event details and a calendar invite.
  2. Join a quick tech-check to ensure audio, video, and internet connection are working properly to avoid technical issues the day of the actual session.  In addition, stemCONNECT will help ensure your classroom is set up for optima viewing.  Prior to STEM session you can check to ensure that you will not have any issues when joining session, View Quick Start Guide.
  3. Present!  A stemCONNECT Coordinator will introduce you to the teacher's class and monitor the entire session in the background.

Equipment Needed

  • Computer (Laptop or Tablet)
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Webcam (Built-in or External)
  • Microphone (Built-in or External)
  • Check if your computer is GoToWebinar compatible. Check Compatibility.

Tips for a Successful Presentation

  • Who are You?    Share your name and the organization you work with.  Describe the work that happens at your place of business.
  • What's Your Background:    Share your educational and work background and the journey that you took to achieve your goals.
  • Why is it important:    Share the skills needed for the topic or details that people generally want to know about your industry.
  • Know Your Audience:    Note the age group you are speaking to and tailor your talk and topic to the grade level being addressed.
  • Make it Visual:    Graphics like presentations, videos, lab tours, equipment, screen sharing, etc..can help to keep students engaged during the session.
  • Engage:    Ask questions, sessions are interactive, students have interactive tools like questions, polls, and chat features to help introduce new ideas during the conversation.
  • Ask for Help:    Concerned with how you will connect and present?  Talk to our team, we want to help ensure your presentation is successful for you and the class!