stemCONNECT at Digital Orlando

15.04.19 02:54 PM Comment(s) By flstemconnect

This past week the stemCONNECT team had the opportunity to speak at Digital Orlando ( hosted at the Orlando Science Center.

Digital Orlando brings leaders from the tech community together to provide panels and talks on Orlando’s innovation and technology culture.  This is a great event for those who are involved with Central Florida Tech community to engage in discussions on growth, innovation, culture, industry development, challenges, and future.  It allowed attendees to learn more on Orlando’s digital media, simulation, software design, entertainment technologies, and industry education. 

The stemCONNECT team participated in a breakout session to an audience of individuals and groups attending that are among Orlando’s tech and innovation talent, to discuss the benefits of STEM Outreach and how it can positively influence economic development.  

Some of the top discussion points we reached on were: 

  • What STEM is 

  • Why STEM concepts are an integral part of the future workforce 

  • How STEM outreach can benefit future employees  

  • What stemCONNECT is, and its current impact as a teaching tool. 

  • How individuals in today’s workforce can easily volunteer to positively effect tomorrow’s workforce

This is an event we hope to participate again in the future. We are exciting to follow up with those who were interested in learning more about participating in our STEM Outreach program for future stemCONNECT sessions and potential collaboration opportunities.  


Did you attend Digital Orlando?  Share with us what your experience was?

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