STEM & History Collide Next Week!

19.04.19 01:03 PM Comment(s) By flstemconnect

Next Tuesday on April 23rd we will go live with UCF History and the National Cemetery’s Administrations Veterans Legacy Program. Experts will talk about the use of Digital Mapping and Augmented Reality used to create a program that teaches about historical significance of St. Augustine’s National Cemetery. By focusing on key events, places and people we examine how the city and site contribute to 19th century American History, paying close attention to the Seminole and Civil Wars.

The presentation fulfills Florida curriculum standards for both 4th and 8th grades, addressing the following standards in particular:

  • SS.4.A.3.3: Identify the significance of St. Augustine as the oldest permanent European settlement in the United States;

  • SS.4.A.3.10: Identify the causes and effects of the Seminole Wars; and

  • SS.8.A.5.1: Explain the causes, course, and consequence of the Civil War by engaging students in material that is often overlooked.

Our session will begin at 2:00 pm and go until 3:00 pm. We will be using the chat function so your students can ask any questions they may have. Please use the link below to register for the session with your school email address.

We hope you will join!

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