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stemCONNECT offers two unique opportunities when hosting a Professional Development. Both types of sessions have very different goals and yet, both can be very successful. If you are interested in either session, please let us know by emailing us at stemCONNECT.  


stemCONNECT as the Professional Development 

The Goal: Promote stemCONNECT! 

stemCONNECT is a resource and great tool available to any teacher who has never had the opportunity to use this tool. We can help bring lesson plans and curricula to life with subject matter experts from industry and academia VIRTUALLY into the classroom.  Help us spread the word on this program to all teachers.  NO COST – ALL FREE!  We will outline how to use the technology, help with the sign-up, showcase topics we cover and answer any remaining questions. We can provide a complete overview about stemCONNECT in just 30-45 minutes! 


stemCONNECT has given presentations in districts across Florida and if we have not been to your district, give us a call. Any STEM, CTE, AVID or a teacher looking for a cross-curricular connection to STEM can benefit from stemCONNECT! 


Connect Teachers with an Expert as the Professional Development 

The Goal: To bring teachers and industry experts together.  This is a key role in creating Florida’s future workforce to support our growing high-tech economy. 

We do all the connecting - experts from Industry and Academia to teachers. There are two reasons this is awesome! First, connecting to industry experts will allow teachers an opportunity to see the latest trends in an industry or even hear about new industries. Second, connecting to academia experts can give you a more in-depth look to topics teachers already know but want a deeper understanding and then pass this information on to students.  


This summer we had a wonderful session with Dr. Rachel Hallett’s class with Environmental Science for Educators who are all pursuing a masters. The expert was Dr. Joseph Donoghue from UCF who was able to show unique mapping tools that gave visual representation to our changing earth that teachers could take back to use in the classroom.  Many questions were asked, and answers were provided by the expert.  


We have a broad range of Volunteer Experts and Industries.  STEM and careers are changing so fast that having someone showcase pathways to high-tech careers and industry needs can make a huge impact on how we help prepare tomorrow's students for the workforce of the future.

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