Optics Day is Next Week!

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Next Friday on April 5th we will go live from UCF CREOL, the College of Optics and Photonics. The day is planned by the CREOL Association of Optics Students (CAOS) and they will demonstrate the importance of optics and photonics. Students and teachers will have the opportunity to see labs and demonstrations featuring the application of optics & photonics in smartphones, virtual-reality display, self-driving cars, fiber internet and other futuristic technologies. All content is targeted for High School and College Classes. Check out the schedule below and descriptions of the three lab tours:  



Lab 1: Liquid Crystal Displays 

In the first part of this lab, you’ll learn the basics in display – the brightness control and color generation. Then, we move forward to show how these basic principles are applied to cutting-edge display techonologies, such as virtual reality/augmented reality, more vivid color display as well as fast response time for high-speed videos. 


Lab 2: Integrated Photonics 

The Integrated Photonics Lab specializes in groundbreaking research on ultracompact integrated photonic device physics and circuit design, nanofabrication and characterization, as emerging solutions for a variety of engineering applications, such as data- and tele-communication, microwave engineering and nonlinear and quantum information systems in the visible to the mid-infrared wavelengths and on materials ranging from silicon and III-V compound semiconductors, to nonlinear dielectrics and glasses. 


Lab 3: Holographic optical elements and applications 

Our lab conducts studies of new materials for high-efficiency, robust holographic optical elements; high power laser beam combining, glass spectroscopy, refractometry and interferometry; photo-induced processes in glasses; technology of optical quality and high-purity glasses.


We hope you will join for part of or the whole session!

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